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Terminal Secret by Mark Gilleo

Story Summary

When an attorney is murdered on her doorstop in a wealthy DC enclave, Detective Earl Wallace and his new partner are assigned to the case. As the detectives uncover the details surrounding the suspicious death, a visit to the Medical Examiner provides evidence that sends their investigation into a tailspin.

Meanwhile, Dan Lord – a private investigator with a law degree who operates in the gray area of the legal system – has a new client. Hired by a congressman’s wife who fears for her safety, Dan soon learns she isn’t telling him the whole truth. A secret from her past has taken a deadly turn, and Dan’s latest client is proving to be his most dangerous.

As Dan and the DC detectives work their respective cases, a random street crime brings them crashing together, revealing that both investigations are connected to a string of unsolved murders. Working as a team, each new piece of evidence puts Dan and the detectives closer to their suspect . . . and closer to danger.

To survive, they need to learn the truth behind one Terminal Secret.

Amazon – http://amzn.to/2yhOLJL

Seatle PI Review:

IndieReader Review:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. For a person who is sick in every sense of the word–this is their modus operandi. And when there’s a ton of loot involved (the so-called “root of all evil”) and your life happens to be hanging in the balance, some people would do just about anything to make bank, even if it costs another person’s life. So goes the motivation behind a murder for hire scheme in Mark Gilleo’s suspense thriller TERMINAL SECRET.

It’s up to two detectives and a shrewd private investigator to crack the murder mysteries that unfold in Gilleo’s endlessly engrossing novel. Two separate cases are set against the backdrop of the reputed murder capital that is Washington, D.C., once known for its elevated crime rate given the nationwide crack epidemic a quarter of a century ago. In the first, an older seasoned detective, Earl Wallace, teams up with Detective Emily Fields, a 30ish brainy and beautiful rookie, to investigate a conundrum involving the possible link between a young, promising attorney with the United States Environmental Protection Agency who was gunned down on her doorstep, and a woman who drove her car into a canal that same morning.

Meanwhile, the slick, hard-bodied attorney turned private investigator Dan Lord is hired by a congressman’s trophy wife to help her locate the killer of her once-estranged former flame–an ex-Army vet who is a disabled drug addict, lush, and the father of their only son. Danger ensues when the embattled Lord traverses the Washington Metropolitan area doling out big bills to people in exchange for the truth and needed clues. Many of the characters come from broken families and rough pasts, prompting, for instance, protagonists Lord and Detective Fields into their do-gooder professions. Gilleo deftly weaves in characters with seemingly run-of-the-mill jobs, which guides Lord to extraordinary leads – all resulting from the dirty deeds of a particular drug lord.

TERMINAL SECRET brings to light the reality of life’s hard-hitting curveballs and is an ode to the triumph of righteousness amid the unforgiving harshness of real life on some of its meanest streets.

~Lianna Albrizio for IndieReader

Author Biography

Mark Gilleo is a three-time bestselling author and has won numerous literary awards. He holds a graduate degree in international business from the University of South Carolina and an undergraduate degree in business from George Mason University. He enjoys traveling, hiking, and biking. A fourth-generation Washingtonian, he currently resides in the DC area.

Becoming by Fouad Azim

Becoming by Fouad Azim

Story Summary

This is a story of blooming love and betrayal, about children coming of age, of conscience and the sociopaths who lack it; it is a story about trust and how true love empowers and heals us. In the end, it is a story about humanity and the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Nyla and Junaid are classmates learning about the world around them and in the process discovering themselves. They must endure and survive a path fraught with confusion and peril if they hope to emerge victorious, though not necessarily unscathed. They will learn of innocence and its loss, about how budding love can be snuffed out if not cared for and its formidable power when nurtured and protected. They will become closely acquainted with evil, with its insidious presence in plain sight and how it mangles and corrupts those it touches. They will have to confront and defeat it if they can. If you think you recognize some of the characters described herein, it is only because the human experience around the world and in the different cultures is not unique, and we all share some of the same burdens and the joys of similar emotions and trials as we go about learning to find ourselves.

The setting is the foothills of the Margalla Mountain range, a part of the lesser Himalayas, north of Islamabad in Pakistan, during the 1990s.

Available on Amazon – http://amzn.to/2xwmgHB

Pacific Book Review

Author Fouad Azim has written Becoming, an emotionally gripping novel about young love in the1990’s Pakistan which will enthrall readers.

Becoming tells the story of classmates Nyla and Junaid. Junaid is a shy young man who comes out of his shell once he falls in love with the intelligent and independent Nyla. Their fledgling romance is threatened by the jealousy of Jahal, an emotionally unstable boy who is determined to break them up. Nyla and Junaid must overcome Jahal’s wicked actions and other obstacles to discover true love.

This book is a unique coming-of-age novel about young love in a land far away from the United States, which is still a universal story. Junaid’s sensitivity and devotion to Nyla is admirable and makes him a relatable protagonist. Nyla is a strong character that isn’t just a passive love interest for Junaid. She’s a self-sufficient young woman that is brave throughout Becoming as she fights the cultural traditions that try to keep her from Junaid. Jahal is the perfect antagonist as the psychologically disturbed villain of the novel. Though he commits horrific acts, Azim’s writing doesn’t limit him to a one-dimensional monster. Jahal is more of a wounded soul than a soulless anti-hero.

Azim’s writing is evocative and poignant. The hills and caves of Pakistan are described so vividly that readers can imagine they are in the rugged terrain of the South Asian countryside. He also easily captures the complicated social lives of teenagers and how fraught young relationships can be in Becoming’s dialogue. Though there are some cultural differences between Western and Eastern culture in the book, the universal themes of the novel comes through to the readers. Azim also expertly handles sweet romance and dangerous drama throughout the novel. This story has exciting and suspenseful moments which will leave readers wanting more.

Becoming would be best for fans of the Kite Runner and Khaled Housseni. The novels both have similar stories about friendships in South Asian countries and both authors write masterfully about love. This book would also be good for fans of historical fiction, especially of fiction set in countries outside America. The novel would be perfect for readers of all ages. Becoming could would be great for young Pakistani or South Asian culture in general will learn a lot from this book as well. Fouad Azim’s novel shows how love can conquer hate, making Becoming an unforgettable novel which all readers will love.